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The Trivium

Parnassus classical education is centered around the Trivium, which contains three areas of study based on the stages in a child's mental development.

The School of Grammar
The first stage, or the Grammar period, takes advantage of a young student's great natural ability to absorb large amounts of material, whether math facts, rules of phonics, facts of science, or a second language.  At Parnassus, grades kindergarten through fourth, teaches the foundational academic content for all future studies, and enriches student lives as they learn poetry and music, and read the classics literature.

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The School of Logic
The second stage of the Trivium, known as the Logic or dialectic period, takes advantage of the brain development of cause-effect, analysis, and reasoning. Parnassus Logic School serves grades five through eight. Here students are ready to take the facts of learning and make logical connections between them, to assess the importance of the academic content, to question and analyze, and seek truth.

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The School of Rhetoric
The third stage of the Trivium is the Rhetoric.  Rhetoric is the art of communicating, expressing oneself eloquently and persuasively. In grades nine through twelve, students engage in still higher level thinking, drawing conclusions from research, analysis, and reasoning so that they might take a stand.  They are challenged to effectively articulate their stand in writing and public speaking, and to embody the ideas they have learned in courses such as Philosophy, Ethics, and Government & Law.

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In addition, every subject has its own grammar, logic, and rhetoric - thus students at all levels begin with the grammar of the subject, and then move to the dialectic and rhetoric within that discipline as they are able.

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